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The Indie Arts Subscription Box

Support Local Creators

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Support local artists and subscribe to (CulturePAK) month to month. We give 40% of our revenues back to local artists and creators.

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Connect to your arts scene and get 6 months of (CulturePAK). Get exclusive access to our secret events and giveaways.

6 Month

Never miss out again when you sign up for a year of (CulturePAK). Get VIP access to events, film screenings, exclusive vinyl, and posters.

“We Pledge 40% of what you spend on (CulturePAK) goes back to Artists, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs in our communities.”

Anthony N. Cross | Publisher of (SALT) Mag

“It’s my favorite subscription box service, once a month I get new art, coffee, vinyl, and a Magazine? Its amazing.”

Mary S. – (CulturePAK) Subscriber

“It really does feel good knowing that they are giving back to the community in a sustainable way. We love to support the arts, and now we are excited to be able to do so in a new and exciting way.

Anna M. – (CulturePAK) Subscriber

“You never know exactly what you are going to get, but every time it’s been pretty awesome and worth it.”

James D.M. – (CulturePAK) Subscriber

What Does Culture Mean To You? 

With the pace of technology, the turmoil of politics, and the ever-growing commute times, its tough to stay in touch with your local scene. The modern work/life balance has never been more slanted. We have less time now to experience the local culture than we did 50 years ago. So what are you to do to try and keep up with something that moves faster than all three?


The best way to connect you with your surroundings is with (CulturePAK). Every month you get new specifically curated goods from your community. Broaden your horizons and Immerse yourself in the vibrancy of your own neighborhood.

Your subscription to (CulturePAK) directly supports the artists and creators. We pledge that 40% of what you spend on (CulturePAK) goes back to Artists, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs in our communities.

Supporting the art of all disciplines is crucial to the economic viability of the places we love so much.

It is time for a new generation of artists and creatives to not just survive but to truly thrive.

That is the mission of (CulturePAK) and (SALT) Magazine.

(CulturePAK) will enable us to expand our digital and print capabilities, produce short-form video and documentary content. Bringing you the best of culture and solidifying Colorado as a cultural hub to the world.

(CulturePAK) Events

We believe the best way to support the arts is to build a community around the creatives who power the whole scene. Once a month we will announce custom tailored events for subscribers where they can pick up their (CulturePAK) and enjoy exclusive access to films, concerts and growing community of creatives and entrepreneurs wanting to connect and collaborate.   

Cancel At Anytime

We know you won’t want to, but we have to let you know that you can cancel at any time. If that ever is the case we promise no funny business, we mean it.

What You Get Every Month

Once a month we give you: 

 Newest Issue of (SALT) Magazine

A bag of locally sourced/roasted coffee

A custom art print from a local artist

A mystery vinyl record. 

Locally sourced products from all over the front range.

Access to secret events and screenings for (CulturePAK) Members only.

When you buy (culturePAK) you also get access to events where you can pick up (CulturePAK) and receive early access to movies, concert tickets, and other (CulturePAK) specific goodies every month. 

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