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This band has been around the circuit for awhile. If you are a regular attendee of most major Colorado music festivals chances are you have heard of SunSquabi. With their driving beat, outlandish synth and guitar lines they are sure to put some pep in your step. With their new album Instinct we thought it high time to give them a propper review. Let’s get to it!


My good giddy aunt that is a big sound. Straight away it is clear that these guys know their way around a studio console. The sound is rich, wild, and pure free range, uncaged sonic glory. For someone who complains about local productions and albums sounding trapped in a compression box, I think we have the answer. a while is one of the better mixed and mastered records to come out of Colorado. By far our favorite track is “Night Moth”, featuring a driving groove that really gets your toes tapping and feet moving. Their signature whaily guitar and shimmery sonic pallet really shine through on this one, and there is no doubt that this song will proper in our heads for at least another week.


It is hard to critique a band firmly rooted in an inaccessible genre. With the type of music that SunSquabi is playing, the recordings (no matter how good) are really never going to do the live experience justice. Even listening to their “Live at Red Rocks” album really drives that point home. You can hear other people having an experience, something more powerful than just listening to it in your car or in your headphones.


Go see them live at all costs. Buy/listen/share their record if you or anyone needs convincing.