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Exvangelicals on the road: The UnApologetics Tour

If you have ever been to Florida in the summertime, or anywhere on the east coast for that matter during this time of year you know that the humidity and heat have a magical way of transforming any small outdoor jaunt into swimming through a bowl of warm soup – sorry, when I say magical, I really mean horrible.

Throwing themselves into this swampy environment are Josiah Hesse, Alessandra Ragusin, Amanda E.K, and Ryan Connell. Currently, on a book tour for Carnality II, a novel penned by Josiah who during the tour realized that there could be more to this story.

“A couple of my former evangelical writer friends to come along with that and read some of their work, and then it turned into: what if we interviewed as many exvangelicals as we can on the road since we are going to be meeting so many of them?”

The upcoming podcast and tour is called “The UnApologetics Tour”  and is currently fundraising on Gofundme. (CLICK HERE) When we asked the whole gang about where the idea came from for the tour and subsequent podcast Josiah said:

“So many of the traumas of growing up evangelical you experience silently at the time since there is no one you can talk to about your fear of Hell or if God exists or the corruption in the church. Often, you don’t get to express that later in life since you don’t usually meet people who can relate to that. 

With a lot of these podcasts, Carnality books and meetings it’s an attempt at bringing that culture together and so while we have the opportunity to meet so many different angles of that community, we thought we should document as many other stories in that community as possible and see what kind of narrative comes out of that.”

A more recent update to this story than the interview pertains to their transportation, imagine being stranded in a warm clam chowder because your Subaru blew a gasket just outside of  Orlando FL. If you can throw these folks who are hell-bent on building a community and culture bone, they and us for that matter would greatly appreciate them continuing on their way and making this podcast and stories in the near future a possibility.