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From The Underground: A Vintage Future

Vivifying vaudevillian and Vernian vestiges, the vivacious viceroy ventriloquists of vociferations, A Vintage Future, vouchsafe vicissitude as the vulnerary vigilante Vox Populi.


These dramatis personae conceal their identities with fantastical pseudonyms complete with dogmatic origins and interwoven Orwellian and dystopian themes. These miraculous warriors of operatic flair claim to be the time-traveling crew of the spacetime dilating airship, The Fallen Albatross. A mysterious meandering machine of magnificent magnitude that maneuvers the mainland via monstrous mystical motors.


At the helm of this great corps is the lead singer, Syd Winters, whose maniacal melodies harken to such singers as the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Spencer Sotelo of Periphery. A Vintage Future’s bombastic and mellifluous seven-stringed precision comes from guitarists Vsto and Gideon Bertrum Stoker, leaving the subterrestrial rumbling and dulcet clavier work to bassist Dez Radovan and pianist Michael Lestat; the pummeling percussive protest and driving the mortal engine of The Fallen Albatross is the venerable Baron Christophe von Gottlieb on drums. Together they blend the attitude of metal acts such as Sevendust and Killswitch Engage with the daring experimentation and instrumentation of progressive groups like Dream Theater and Tesseract.


This intrepid gaggle of Fort Collins performers has had themselves quite the journey. With roots of the band beginning in 2014, A Vintage Future endured many major metamorphoses. Today’s current core lineup was established and solidified in the summer of 2016. With members and material stabilized, AFV began recording with producer Scott Bertea at the local Fort Collins studio G2G Productions, resulting in the release of their debut album Perfect Gentleman on December 28, 2017. Which is available now for purchase and streaming on all major music platforms.


The enduring stoicism of A Vintage Future has been spread across Northern Colorado with a slew of boisterous performances at many of the great venues our community has to offer. Always improving upon the strattices of their growing brand, AFV has a number of expositions lined up for the near future, including two dates in March. The first show is at Club Tap in Fort Morgan on March 17th with Thousand Years Wide, where they will celebrate St Patrick’s Day as only a steampunk metal band can. AVF closes out the month in Denver at Trailside Saloon on March 31st with a host of other Fort Collins-based acts such as Triton, Attack on Venus, The Leshen, and Soviet Mothers. More information on these events, along with a ton of excellent video content, can be found on A Vintage Future’s social media pages.


Do not sleep on this steampunk menagerie of metal musicians that are revitalizing the theatricality of rock and roll right here in our local scene. They have a penchant for melodrama, a knack for pulling at heartstrings, and a steam-powered ambition that is sure to keep audiences captivated and entertained. So put on your Victorian best and be transported to an imaginative and unique world by this metallurgic mechanical mass of fantastical fancy.