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Jinnjinni – Self Titled

Jinnjinni is the musical partnership of Josh Martin (Mirror Fields) and Liz Gaylor (Wasteland Hop, also Mirror Fields). Between the album artwork (which utilizes recycled water bottles and beautiful illustrations by Wildrose Hamilton), the lyrics, and the swirling yet unified melodic elements, this is the perfect album to get lost in.  One potential downside to this cohesive treatment is that it becomes difficult to single out any one song for its merit. Instead, this album should be taken as a whole, which is a novel approach these days. Martin’s guitar playing is clean but drenched in reverb, with an atmospheric fingerpicking approach reminiscent of Nick Drake, while his voice fits comfortably somewhere between John Lennon and Perry Farrell.  Gaylor’s violin lines and soft vocal melodies weave delicately throughout the album, binding the songs together.